Sunday, November 15, 2009

BASIC Electronics - LECTURE2 - Resistors

Again, I say ... If you are new to electronics,  and are going to attempt the DIXIE PIXIE experience in the proper context you will need a good level of understanding of electrical principles.

In this lesson you should learn

  • What is a resistor
  • How to identify them by values and colors
  • how to measure there values with a meter
see WIKI on Resistors
Here is your second assignment.

LECTURE2 - Resistors

NOTE: If you are starting to follow along after 13NOV2009, don't panic. - Simply catch up at your own pace, although I would not recommended more than one lecture/lab session per day, and never skip the Labs. -- To the entire course see "Additional Support & Study Links" in the BLOG right hand side bar, as "Core - Basic Electronics - Lectures by Prof T.S.Natarajan".

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