Thursday, February 4, 2010

Enclosure Idea - PIXIE built inside a 9v battery

For those of us thinking of departure from the now cliché Altoid Mint Can. Here is an alternative from our friends at Hack-A-Day --

... It’s pretty creative to use a 9v battery as an enclosure. That’s what [Osgeld] did when building this amplifier. There are several advantages; they’re easy to find, it keeps a bit of the dead battery out of the landfill, and this method provides a built-in connector for a 9v power source. In this case the circuit is built around a LM386 audio amplifier. It’s glued to the back of a potentiometer and wired up with the other components for a package smaller than a quarter. A stereo jack reside in the side of the battery case with a cable and alligator clips for connection with a speaker. Now the amp can be quickly connect to any 4-8 ohm speaker...

The rest of the Article at the Hack a Day Site.

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